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At the cutting edge of healthy snacking solutions

Snack Creations is a world leader in the production of plant based, snack pellets. Our aim is to collaborate with health focused brands and manufacturers, providing innovative, market leading snacking solutions.

what are snack pellets?

snack solutions for brands and manufacturers
95736 PELLET Lentil Wavy Square
26218 PELLET LS Lentil Curl
95738 PELLET Chickpea Tubes
SR Spiral
95754 PELLET Lentil Twist
21955 PELLET Lentil Square

Snack pellets offer a convenient snacking solution. They are available in a wide range of shapes and base materials, providing endless possibilities to meet any snacking occasion. They are a ‘semi’ finished ingredient which means that once produced by us, they are ready for our customers to manufacture into their finished innovative product.

new product development

pellets powered by plants

Inventing the next generation of healthy snacks

We lead on innovation. With a dedicated pilot plant, aptly called The Source of Creation, alongside an experienced NPD team, you can be assured of the very latest snacking concepts. With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing snack pellets, we have a deep understanding of the raw ingredients, the technicality of shape design and application which results in our pellets featuring across an array of global brands and own-label retailer products.

why snack creations?

the leading global innovator at the forefront of the healthy snacks market


Grade AA BRC certified
HACCP system
Kosher products available
Halal products available
Gluten free products available
Suitable for vegans


50+ years experience
Export to 40+ countries
Double digit sales growth
Privately owned
Leaders in healthy snacking
Agile, on trend and innovative


At Snack Creations, we specialise in bringing business dreams and visions to life collaboratively, through the creation of healthy snacking concepts.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of service to our customers.

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