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Unique Unrivalled Snacking Solutions

Based in Great Yarmouth in the UK, our facility manufacturers extruded snack pellets in a wide range of shapes and textures.

Our process involves mixing various plant-based raw materials such as lentil, chickpea, and potato which is extruded under pressure to create our vast array of shapes and textures.

The product is then dried to a moisture level which will provide a stable shelf life and quality finished product for our customers.

The pellets are then shipped around the world with 2 years shelf life, ready to be either fried or air popped into the finished product.

Plant-based raw materials
Mixed, extruded and dried
Shipped with a 24-month shelf life

Quality is an integral part of our business principles

Our goal is to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality products by ensuring the wholesomeness and authenticity of all our products through elimination, reduction and control of food safety risks.

Our plant is BRC grade AA status which is a globally recognised standard and demonstrates our approach to quality, good manufacturing processes, alongside a robust quality management system which results in product assurance and quality for our customers.

We export our products to over 40 countries worldwide and provide expert support in areas such as technical advice and new product development, which ensures continued quality and innovation for our customers.


The Source of Creation

At Snack Creations, we specialise in bringing business dreams and visions to life collaboratively, through the creation of healthy snacking concepts.

Our NPD pilot plant “The Source of Creation” provides you with the ability to work collaboratively with our team of experts where we co-create the next generation of healthy snacking propositions. Drawing on our proud heritage and scale in the snacking industry as a former division of Pasta Foods Ltd, yet having an agile size and mentality, we can realise your product visions from concept to market in just six months.

This involves using the latest rapid prototyping and unique product development techniques to bring your product to life sooner than anyone else.

Our team are based in the UK, which is a very innovative healthy snacking marketplace, in addition, we export to over 40 countries, so we have experience and a strong pipeline of innovation continually being developed which mirrors global trends to deliver incremental growth for our customers.

Partner with us to access our proprietary market-leading manufacturing process and know-how to shape the snacking markets of the future.

Photo of pulses

Inventing the next generation of healthy snacks!

Disrupt the snacking category today and develop winning snack propositions through close collaboration, long-term innovation partnerships, and the supply of premium hero raw materials.

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