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What are Snack Pellets?

Snack pellets are a versatile ingredient that acts as a foundation for our customers to create their own innovative snack products. Once produced by us, these “semi” finished pellets are conveniently ready for further manufacturing.

Through our controlled process, we carefully mix and shape the pellets, resulting in a diverse range of shapes and textures. This flexibility allows us to meet various product requirements, including low sodium or fat options, ensuring we stay at the forefront of snacking innovation.

After shaping, the pellets undergo a thorough drying process that takes several hours. This transforms them into shelf-stable products with an impressive 24-month shelf life. Once dried, we package and distribute these snack pellets to our customers worldwide.

At this stage, our customers have the freedom to choose their preferred expansion method. Whether it’s frying, air-popping, baking, or roasting, the snack pellets can be easily transformed into their desired form. After expansion, the products are ready to be seasoned and packaged for retail distribution, showcasing the creativity and uniqueness of each customer’s brand.

The Snack Pellet Manufacturing Process

Our experience enables us to expertly mix a range of raw materials to create the base of the snack.



Raw materials are mixed into a dry dough state.



The dough is then forced under high pressure and vacuum through an snack pellet extrusion die.



A long drying process commences drying the dough into a hard snack pellet.



Snack pellets are packed with a 24-month shelf life and pallets are ready to be shipped to our customers worldwide.



Snack pellets arrive with our customers who then expand the pellets by frying, air popping, baking or salt roasting them.



Expanded snack pellets are then seasoned and packed into the final retail product.

Benefits of Snack Pellets

Snack pellets present a highly versatile and innovative solution that has the power to disrupt the snacking category in exciting ways. By incorporating pellets into your brand’s portfolio, you can unlock a multitude of benefits and opportunities that will elevate your snack offerings to new heights.

Air Popping = Zero Oil

Unlike traditional methods that use oil for expanding, air popping eliminates the need for added fats or oils, resulting in a snack that is free from added oils and lower in calories.

New & On-trend Bases

By utilising a diverse range of bases, including pulses, legumes, vegetables, and fruits, we have the ability to craft the ideal snack pellet.

No Seasoning Required

Snack pellets possess the unique ability to stand on their own, even without the addition of seasoning. The inherent flavour and texture of the pellet itself can deliver a satisfying snacking experience.

Hold Flavour Well

Snack pellets have the remarkable ability to retain and hold flavour effectively. Their porous structure allows them to absorb and encapsulate flavours, resulting in a consistently flavorful snacking experience.

33% Less Fat

Snack pellets possess a distinct advantage over potato crisps as they contain approximately 33% less fat thanks to the expansion methods used in production.

Low Market Entry

The simplicity in the production method and the availability of fryers in many food processing facilities make it accessible for businesses to venture into the snacking category.

Long Shelf Life

With a 24-month shelf life, snack pellets allow for efficient inventory management, helping reduce waste and minimise product loss, optimizing your supply chain and improving overall cost-effectiveness.

Quicker Fry Time

Increases your production efficiency by reducing your overall frying times. Snack pellets allowing you to produce larger quantities of snacks in a shorter amount of time, thereby increasing your output and meeting customer demands more effectively.

Low Acrylamide

By using alternative ingredients and manufacturing techniques, snack pellets can be produced with reduced acrylamide formation.

Low Salt

Salt reduction can be achieved through careful formulation and ingredient selection. In some cases, they can even be formulated with zero salt.

Perfect For Dipping

The design and composition of snack pellets make them perfect for pairing with various dips and sauces.

Shapes and Textures

By offering a wide range of shapes and textures, snack pellets provide options for various snacking occasions and personal preferences.

New to snacking? Or have a great snacking concept you want to bring to life?

Disrupt the snacking category today

Pellet frying or popping manufacturing lines are generally a lower cost to install vs. traditional crisp frying lines. If you aren’t ready or don’t want to make the investment, we can provide you with a solution to launch your product. We have partnered with some of the leading private label manufacturers who can cook, season and finish your product for you.

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