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What are Snack Pellets?

Snack pellets offer a convenient snacking solution
for brands and manufacturers.

Snack pellets are a ‘semi’ finished ingredient which means that once produced by us, they are ready for our customers to manufacture into their finished innovative products.

We take that mix, and through a controlled process, we create the snack pellet. We then dry the pellet over several hours to create a product that is shelf-stable with a 24-month shelf life. They are then ready to be sent to our customers all over the world.

Within our process, the shapes we offer are endless, and we can achieve a wide range of textures and product requirements, such as low sodium or fat to ensure the latest in snacking innovation.

Our customers will then choose how they wish to expand their snack pellets. This could be through frying, air-popping, baking or roasting. The products are then ready to be seasoned and put into retail packs.

The Snack Pellet Manufacturing Process

Our experience enables us to expertly mix a range of raw materials to create the base of the snack.



Raw materials are mixed into a dry dough state.



The dough is then forced under high pressure and vacuum through an snack pellet extrusion die.



A long drying process commences drying the dough into a hard snack pellet.



Snack pellets are packed with a 24-month shelf life and pallets are ready to be shipped to our customers worldwide.



Snack pellets arrive with our customers who then expand the pellets by frying, air popping, baking or salt roasting them.



Expanded snack pellets are then seasoned and packed into the final retail product.

Benefits of Snack Pellets

Snack pellets are a versatile, innovative way to disrupt the snacking category.

There are many benefits for snack brands to consider pellets within their portfolio.

Air-popped = zero oil!

New and on-trend bases can be used.

Snack pellets can also work without seasoning.

Snack pellets hold flavour well.

33% less fat than potato crisps.

Low market entry to fry snack pellets.

Snack pellets have a long shelf life of 24 months.

Quicker fry time than crisps.

Low acrylamide.

Low salt.

Perfect for dipping.

Wide range of shapes and textures are available.

Disrupt the snacking category today!

New to snacking? Or have a great snacking concept you want to bring to life?

Pellet frying or popping manufacturing lines are generally a lower cost to install vs. traditional crisp frying lines. If you aren’t ready or don’t want to make the investment, we can provide you with a solution to launch your product. We have partnered with some of the leading private label manufacturers who can cook, season and finish your product for you.

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