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What are Snack Pellets?

New to Snack Pellets?

Snack pellets offer a convenient snacking solution for brands and manufacturers.

They are a ‘semi’ finished ingredient which means that once produced by us, they are ready for our customers to manufacture into their finished innovative product.

Our customers will then choose how they wish to expand their products. This could be through frying, air-popping, baking or roasting. The products are then ready to season and put into retail packs. Our pellets come in a range of shapes, texture and base materials. We have over 50 years in snack pellet manufacturing and have gained a deep understanding of the raw ingredients, the technicality of shape design and application which results in our pellets featuring across an array of global brands and own-label retailer products.

Our wide range of product concepts design and raw materials are endless. Our pilot plant ‘The Source of Creation’ offers customers the opportunity to work with our in-house snack developers, who monitor global trends and translate them into innovative snacking solutions. In addition, they are an ambient product with 24 months’ shelf life which enables them to be easily shipped and stored ahead of processing.

New to snacking? Or have a great snacking concept you want to bring to life? Pellet frying or popping manufacturing lines are generally a lower cost to install vs traditional crisp frying lines. If you aren’t ready or don’t want to make the investment, we can provide you with a solution to launch your product – we have partnered with some of the leading private label manufacturers who can cook, season and finish your product for you.

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